About Us

Ningaloo Swimwear is a Western Australian lifestyle brand based on the Ningaloo Reef W.A. The name "Ningaloo" is a West Thalanyji*Jinigudira *Yinigudura *Yinkutura word meaning "promontory", "deepwater", or "high land jutting into the sea" at 260km's long the Ningaloo Reef is Australia's largest (and closest) shoreline fringing coral reef.  

At Ningaloo Swimwear we draw our inspiration from living near this amazing Indian ocean "deepwater" reef, and specialise in supplying our customers with exclusive custom designed swimwear, clothing & accessories based on that inspiration and also utilizing the latest, highest quality & environmentally sustainable, sensitive materials available. With new custom designed styles each and every summer, the latest trend & prints, each piece is as unique as the person wearing it.

Ningaloo Swimwear (Designs) was established pre 2004 by Justin Bauer - (Bauer Photo Art) in the northwest of Western Australia with an idea to create sublimated merchandise using photographic prints and designs on numerous different substrates, such as Glass , Neoprene , Metal & Swimwear. Due to various commitments, Ningaloo Swimwear (Designs) has been busy behind the scenes for many years working on refining these skills, principles, ideas, inspirations & supplying all that exsperience to our numerous varied clients over the past 10 years. Finally we are now ready to bring you our own latest clothing, merchandise and swimwear designs using the freshest photo prints and materials to suit your everyday aquatic lifestyle.  

Our Goal is to allow you all to feel Happy, Confident, Fun and Content wearing and using our products whilst living life to the fullest, however that may be:) please feel free to share the Love. x We pride ourselves on supplying our customers with exclusive designed accessories and swimwear using the highest quality materials we can find with our unique and distinctive styles and prints. Each piece is as unique as the person wearing it.

Love the skin you're in x