Award-winning photographer and Graphic Designer, Justin Bauer was born in Subiaco, Western Australia in 1972. his first few years were spent growing up in the fishing salmon camps of Albany, where his father lived and worked , two years later a move to Carnarvon in the Northwest of Western Australia was to dramatically influence and mould his future. In the 80’s and 90’s he grew up traveling , diving and surfing along the Northwest coast of W.A. visiting various coastal and inland towns not to mention well known outback stations with his father Dave and mother Helen and there growing family, two trips around australia whilst still very young instilled a need to travel and explore the world around him.

These travels included Such places as  , Denmark , Albany , Margaret River , Kalbarri & Shark Bay and most consistently trips into his backyard at the regular camping spots of Gnaraloo station , Quobba station , Red bluff , Onslow , and Karajini.

In 1989-90, Justin discovered his ability and passion for Art, graphic design & Photography this progressed after his many travels around the state into a need to try and capture the extraordinary beauty justin saw all around him, the raw landscapes and seascapes, the power and beauty of the ocean all these images and designs later went on to decorate surfboards , tshirts, stubbie holders, postcards, framed pictures, canvas art and even a bedroom wall.

With the confidence of a surfer, eventually Justin went out and bought a waterproof camera setup to compliment his land based camera equipment , jumped in the ocean, and started snapping away, recording the beauty and power of the western Australian coastline , especially the waves close to his home at Red Bluff and Gnaraloo,

Justin offers a perspective of waves from the inside out and well as from land , along with various images from a wide gamet of other sources , be it flora and fauna, landscapes , sea-scapes , underwater , aerial , justin's passion to find new images and mediums to display these images taken from the various places he shootsis only limited by technology and his imagination.

This ever increasing need to find new mediums and the technology to display and create these images will it seems never diminish , over the years justin has gone from the days of film to the digital realm , in this journey justin has been at the forefront of materials and technology.

Being one of the first in the northwest to begin experimenting with what was then a new process called sublimation which allowed full colour photographs to be applied to various materials such as fabric, glass, ceramic, neoprene and even wallpaper.

Justin used this technique to compliment his images and provide new avenues and mediums to sell those images , various new projects grew from this, such as signage and garment production.

This want of new mediums and finishes continues to this day, such as using different species of recycled wood to make picture frames, mango , gidgee & snake wood - (Acacia.) are formed into rustic frames and these are still being refined and worked upon to continue to come up with a unique and original finished item for Justin's many cleints. 

We hope you enjoy Justin's images and merchandise and feel comfortable in the knowledge that Justin and Ningaloo Swimwear are always striving to bring "you" the customer the most up to date products, materials and designs partnered with the ultimate visual stimulation being a moment in time captured forever on the given medium of your choice , all for you to enjoy whenever and wherever you so wish, be it from a small stubbie holder to a giant wall sized print.