‘the girl and the ocean’

Emily is a local artist living and working in Shark Bay, Western Australia. Originally from
Cornwall in the UK, she first came to Shark Bay in early 2011 and loved it so much she
decided to stay.

‘The ocean and the natural beauty of this place make it irresistible and a place of
continuous inspiration. ‘

Emily’s love for the ocean and all the creatures who call it their home is the constant
focus for her work.

Emily studied for a BA Hons Degree in Creative Arts at a University in Bath, southern
England. Here she honed her skills in Printing techniques, Painting, life drawing and
embroidery. These different mediums occur regularly in her work. She has worked as a
photographer in both England and Australia over the past 12 years and often paints from
her own photographs as well as out in nature. Arriving in Australia was when Emily’s
painting came into its own and since then she has painted in mediums including Acrylic,
Oil and Enamel.

Her love of nature and marine animals, in particular, has led her to exhibit in galleries and
competitions across Western Australia.

Her work often has a dreamy aspect to it, not always painting realism, but more how she
sees the animal herself. She is happy painting in both abstract work, using line and
pattern to make up an image which can then be easily transferred into printing but also
she looks for accuracy in her work and even though her aim is not to create a perfect copy
of an animal, Emily always aims to give her pieces all the details and scientific accuracy of
the real thing.

Contact Information

Emily Elizabeth Ward
ph: 0439265431
w: thegirlandtheocean.com
Instagram: @girlandtheocean
Facebook: Emily Elizabeth Design and Photography